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Enhancement: High Frequency

Add High Frequency to a Facial

  • 5 min
  • KaiVida Face Spa

Cancellation Policy

Appointments We advise guests to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow for forms/check-in and preparation for your treatment. Appointments only. Late Arrivals Arrival after 15 minutes, may affect the allotted time of the service. Your service type may be changed to avoid delays for other guests. We will make every effort to accommodate guests for their full appointment time but this may not always be possible. For all customers we understand many unexpected situations can occur such as delays due to traffic, finding a parking spot, etc… So please plan accordingly. Or contact us earlier to allow us to adjust if we can. Anything later than 15 minutes is subject to cancelling and rescheduling.If we did not have you on the schedule and you show up for an appointment, we are not subject to take the appointment. We understand human mistakes so if we have a free slot or anyone willing to do the service we will honor the client. But we ask for understanding and to not take out inappropriate behavior on staff and the spa.

Contact Details

  • Kai Vida Face Spa, Route 24, Chester, NJ, USA


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