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Scalp Facials 


Check Out our advance services. Find a solution for your scalp& hair! From hair loss to irritated dry itching scalps, we will rejuvenate your scalp/hair health! With non invasive methods using advance technology help your cells revive. 

HR3 Treatment

Targets and promotes Hair Growth

Helps feed nutrients back into Hair follicle 

Blocks hair growth inhibitors 

Blue Light Therapy 

Red Light Therapy 

Oxygen Scalp

Promotes Hair Growth

Increases Blood Circulation in the Scalp

Removes Anaerobic Bacteria from the Scalp

Provides Hydration and vital Nutrients to the Scalp

Calms irritated scalp skin barrier 

Great for Oily, Irritated Scalps

Dry Scalp Oil Treatment

Warm Oiling treatment to help lift off dry skin and moisturize. 

Fragilitas Crinium Treatment

Fragilitas Crinium= Technical Term for Brittle or Fragile hair. 

Many of us suffer with dead ends, rough and fragile ends. When a simple pass from a hair brush is causing more breakage you need this treatment. This treatment targets what amino acids your hair is missing and lock in the protein and hair bonds back into the cortex of your cuticle, sealing off the cuticle!  This treatment will make your hair stronger and able to grow in length. A Double Moisture layer. 

Olaplex Moisture Hair repair 

Split Hair Ends

Deep conditioner Treatment to revive the cuticle layers together. Simple trimming of dead ends.

blonde hair

Keratin treatments

Get a protein boost! 10x more hair strength. 90% smoothness and shine returned into hair. Cuts down drying time. Helps hair growth. Stop hair breakage and damage. Keratin is the protein that our skin, hair and nails are made from. Keratin treatments are not damaging and help heal the hair!

Professionally Dyed Hair


• Protects fine, damaged, or compromised hair • Reduces breakage • Repairs damage



Award-winning signature smoothing treatment. • Blocks humidity and eliminates frizz • Long lasting smooth results

BF Olaplex.jpg


The color-locking, speedy smoothing solution. • Color-locking, • Enhances color vibrancy • Great for spot treatments, bangs, and problem areas

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