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Acne Treatments 

Our Acne treatments will yield medical results with no side effects, particularly when coupled with one or more advanced therapeutic techniques. Along with your consistent professional care and at-home regime. Choose from one of our fully customized treatment packages to fit your particular needs or simply choose a single treatment of your choice.

-Clinical Acne Treatment

-Probiotic Acne treatment

-Modality Advanced treatment

-Luxury Acne Treatments

Start Your Healing Today

  • Clinical Acne Treatment Perfect for: Combo to Minimal Acne

    1 hr

  • Probiotic Acne Treatment| Perfect for: Mild to Moderate Acne

    1 hr 15 min

  • Modality Acne Treatment| Perfect for: Moderate to Cystic Acne

    1 hr 30 min

  • Luxury Acne Treatment| Perfect for: Cystic Acne, Inflamed/Damaged Skin

    1 hr 30 min

Woman touching acne on her chin that caused by wearing medical face mask, result in skin i

C.A.T Protocol:

Clinical Acne Treatment

Our Acne Solution Formula:

1: We steam your skin to clean it up.
2: We apply a cool solution called Benzol Peroxide 5% to dry up those pesky pimples.
3: Zap away bacteria with high frequency magic!
4: Chill out with a calming mask to soothe redness and shrink pores.

Perfect for those dealing with a few spots here and there!

Perfect for: Combo to Minimal Acne

P.A.T Protocol:

Probiotic Acne Treatment

 Our Acne Solution Formula:

1: We steam and cleanse your skin, removing impurities.

2: Gentle extraction to clear out any stubborn spots.

3: A micro enzymatic peel to refresh your skin.

4: Application of a Probiotic serum to fight acne-causing bacteria.

5: High-frequency treatment to zap away bacteria.

6: A soothing mask to calm redness and shrink pores.

Perfect for: Mild to moderate acne!

Young woman before and after acne treatment. Skin care concept..jpg

M.A.T Protocol:

Modality Acne Treatment

Our Acne Solution Formula:

1:Steam to open up pores and prep your skin.
2:Gentle cleansing to remove dirt and oil buildup.
3:Salicylic peel to deeply cleanse and exfoliate.
4:Extraction to clear out any impurities.
5:Oxygen hydra infusion with a pro-vitamin complex to nourish and sterilize acne spots.
6:Frequency to kill bacteria.
7: Special light therapy to soothe inflammation and target stubborn bacteria.
Perfect for: Moderate to Cystic acne

L.A.T Protocol:

Luxury Acne Treatment 

 Our Acne Solution Formula:

1:Relaxing steam cleanse to open pores & prepare your skin.
2:pH-balancing enzyme treatment, gently exfoliate and restore balance.
3:Advanced peel to deeply cleanse and renew your complexion.
4:State-of-the-art atomized hydro-effervescence molecule to further enhance skin renewal.
5:Ultrasonic synergy Probiotic Serum Infusion enriched with hyaluronic acid for intense hydration.
6: NASA Technology Acne Scar and Bacteria LED Light Therapy.
7: Calming and healing Oxygen Infusion sterilizing each layer of your skin.
8:Delivery of instant nutritional serum to promote healing and repair deep within the tissues.

Perfect For: Cystic Acne, Inflamed/Damaged Skin

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