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What is Kai Vida Face Spa?

 Kai Vida Face Spa is your paradise if your "face is the focus"!

We concentrate on the beautification of your FACE for elegant and stunningly aging benefits at any stage of life. Kai Vida's Zen energy powers the best results. A spa where knowledge and passion incorporate science in every authentic facial technique, whether holistic, organic, or traditional facial protocols to the face, to improve and maintain the skin's health.

Kai Vida Spa has the natural compassion to always want to deliver the best experience, giving rise to many unique protocols to boost your skin healing energy level living within you, promoting happiness and relaxation along with radiating your aura.  

What do Our Facials do?


About our Service

Our philosophy is to provide your skin with nutrients and vitamins, to accelerate the skin renewal process. To restore your skin health using skin science with the most advanced products and equipment.

As a client, you deserve to feel unique, and your skin deserves the attention and care you want to give it. Our services are to focus on your face, focus on you! We specialize and tend to your skin concerns. Delivering results with our high potency formulated facial services. So, no matter the problem, we have a facial suited for you.



To keep the spa clean and for sanitary concerns, we ask clients to take their shoes off and wear our spa slippers! Of course you can bring your own. Thank you!



For sanitation and our licenses rules, our cosmetologists and estheticians have to wear gloves during any service to protect the clients and themselves. Thank you!

Our Staff

Karon| Our Top Esthetician| has a natural compassion to nurture, she takes care of your skin with delicacy and intuition. Karon has knowledge of skincare since she was young learning from her grandma, which comes from generations of holist educators from Ancient India.  The earliest records of beautification of the face can be traced back to 2500 and 1550 B.C. from ancient India. The teachings are organic and science break throughs. Karon specializes her techniques for all her clients, and achieves the glass skin glow. She is happy when her clients are happy with their skin and love to look at themselves in the mirror. Karon has healed many with their skin issues they struggle with. She also is able to reach into her clients chakras and help them enter their energy during facials, she creates spiritual facials. 

Farrah| Our Top Cosmetologist| has been the spa designer, artist, & stylist. Farrah loves to make others love themself. She is a learning nerd, she's passionate about incorporating science into every service. She will enhance your natural lashes and brows with the best quality services. She rebuilds your hair by restoring its proteins, disulfide bonds, pH balance, the shine and more. She is licensed in Trichology, Anatomy, and so much more. She wants to help clients reach their natural beauty in many ways, and to find their beauty style while being healthy. Farrah was one of the youngest in the state to achieve her license and took every opportunity to train and learn from sources all around the world. Farrah was named after the iconic actress Farrah Fawcett and just like her we will have you leaving the spa as an Icon.


Fun Facts About Us!

Farrah likes to draw create and design, around our spa we have little art pieces or designs she made. Check some of it out below and in the spa!

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