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Corrective: Superfrecator

A safe, non-invasive treatment that permanently removes common skin irregularities from your face!

  • 30 minutes
  • KaiVida Face Spa

Service Description

Permanently targets SUN/AGE SPOTS| BROKEN CAPILLARIES| SKIN TAGS| CHERRY ANGIOMAS| FIBROMAS| HYPERPIGMENTATION| KERATOSES| CHOLESTEROL DEPOSITS Frecator Post Care Instructions Do not wash treatment site until the next day after the Freactor treatment. Softening of the brand-new scab with water may cause it to come off prematurely and the skin will take longer to heal. Do not scratch the treated area. During the healing process the area may become itchy but it is important to completely avoid touching and scratching of the treated area. Do not apply any product on the treatment site. Products that are not instructed to apply most likely to cause irritation of the skin. Do not use sauna, steam room, swimming and Jacuzzi or take a long shower or do activities that cause excess sweat until the scab falls off. Extra wetness of the treatment site may cause the scab to fall off prematurely and this will result in the scab to form again and it causes delay in the healing process. Do not use any acid product until two months after the treatment. There should be no exfoliation on a brand-new skin as it may cause major irritation or acid burn to the new cells. Do not have microdermabrasion treatment or any other exfoliations for at least one month after the treatment. Wear sunblock every day. Apply Neosporin if there is a redness around the treatment site (apply at night only) Schedule a micro dermabrasion procedure one month after the treatment as it will speed up the cellular turn over and healing process. The treatment area will form an immediate protective scab which can be from gray light brown to dark brown or even black in color. Keep the treatment area as dry as possible. The scab will fall off naturally in an average 7 to 10 days. Large and deeper skin irregularities may produce 2 to 3 successive crust and last up to three weeks. In an area of good blood supply and abundant subcutaneous tissue healing will be rapid. During the healing process each skin type reacts differently based on the amount of pigment cells in the skin. The body ‘s natural healing and defense mechanism starts working immediately after the skin being treated with Frecator. After the scab falls off the new skin appears to be very fresh and light pink in color. From this point on the healing continues till the color blends into the original skin tone. NOTE: Warts are NOT apart of this service. No Facial, or Facial Massage Included.

Contact Details

  • Kai Vida Face Spa, Route 24, Chester, NJ, USA


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